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The only justification I have for bothering to make seed pots out of toilet paper roll cores is that it gives me the opportunity to honor one of my life principles: Find at least one secondary use for most everything. Although this practice might not contribute hugely to the sustainability movement on planet earth, it […]

View part I here. By the 19th century the Western world was busily developing a mechanistic view of life. No doubt many culprits contributed to the undoing of Mother Nature but one character worthy of attention is Baron Justus von Liebig. Justus von Liebig – Image courtesy of Wikipedia In around 1840 von Liebig invented […]

Some millions of years ago there were plants on the earth and animals resembling nothing like a human being. Nature had made the rule early on that life would occur in a constant cycle with death. That which died would nurture the soil and that which pooped, the animals, would nurture the plants and the […]