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This excerpt may cause you to never ever want to eat meat again. Not at all pleasant, it makes one wonder about the twisted values of modern society. The full movie is here. [via: upworthy] TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Anthony Bourdain shares the cooking techniques of superstar chefs. Caution: I took a peek at this video and couldn’t stop viewing it until it ended 43 minutes later. Second caution: off limits for vegetarians, vegans, and the generally squeamish when it comes to meat, because this piece covers lobster, beef burguignon, an omelet, roast chicken, […]

If you’ve been wondering about a vegan diet here’s a handy infographic that could set you on the path to veganism, if you dare. [via: PETA] TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Looking to make your own veggie burger? Well, look no further. This isn’t just any veggie burger recipe, it’s the ultimate veggie burger recipe. Note: It’s not vegan. [via: 101 Cookbooks] TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Two-bit Guru | Leftover Chicken Ideas | Leftover Chicken Wrap | Photo of a wrap made from leftover chicken

Leftover chicken ideas: How to make an easy wrap from leftover chicken. Ingredients: 3 oz. leftover chicken, chopped into pieces (for a vegetarian version, substitute tofu for the chicken) one small onion, diced one medium tomato, chopped salsa vegetable oil or butter or ghee salt & pepper, if desired tortilla(s) or other wrap Saute onion […]

Two-bit Guru | Easy Vegetarian Pizza | Photo of cooked frozen pizza on a red and white table cloth. The pizza is topped with onion, tomato, basil, green pepper and feta cheese.

Building your own Easy Vegetarian Pizza. One Frozen cheese pizza. Top with: Chopped onion Sliced tomato Chopped fresh basil Chopped green pepper Sprinkle with feta cheese A little feta cheese enhances the flavor and brings it all together. Bake in oven according to frozen pizza directions. The added ingredients may require longer baking time. Variations: […]

We picked the first red tomato a couple of weeks ago. Since then we’ve had considerably more and we’re making sauce out of them. But that first one, like the first robin in spring, is special. Our first impulse was to slice it and eat it as soon as we finished admiring at it. It […]