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  Reptoids Research Center Who is John Rhodes? He is the creator of the Reptoids Research Center. Mr. Rhodes believes we are all whacked to be looking to space for Aliens and E.T.’s. He says we ought to be searching underground tunnels, caverns, and cave systems right here on earth for reptoids that live down […]

The New French Hacker-Artist Underground If you’re into stolen maps, art, picking locks to forbidden places, a code name like UX, a secret workshop, an underground private cinema, clandestine film festivals in government basements, the tunnels beneath Paris, and among other things, the Pantheon where the remains of France’s most cherished citizens are housed, and […]

What day would be complete without a look at something UFO-y, alien, and subterranean? Here’s an extensive list of underground bases, tunnels and tunnel entrances around the world. This stuff sounds less far-fetched the more you look into it. If extraterrestrials are hanging out underground they wouldn’t have far to go to stir up the […]