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40 Tips For A Better Life It seems to me that by now we (me) ought to know every tip possible for having a better, fulfilling, exuberant, joyous, wonderful, productive, healthy, wealthy, spiritual, wholistic, honorable, wise, loving, compassionate, kind, confident, fill-in-the-adjective, life, but still, I find myself to read the next 40 tips, or 12 […]

Here you’ll find tips for falling asleep faster every night. Meditate, watch what you eat, exercise, and more advice on how to fall asleep in a nanosecond. Well, maybe not a nanosecond but would you settle for a couple minutes? TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

How to master the art of lucid dreaming. Here’s an array of techniques to help you along the way to lucid dreamland. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

The font that should not be on your resume—and other tips for job seekers. Resumes ain’t what they used to be. Take a look at this infographic and your resume will be all creative and sparkly like resumes never were before. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Great advice on achieving a more fulfilling frugal lifestyle with the 7 habits of highly frugal people. Learn about budgeting, how to think about money, and how to develop the motivation to succeed. Gain control of finances and gain control of your life. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious