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Clothing of the Future! Eve, A.d 2,000! Why are the clothing forecasts for the future, any future, always so far off-base from reality? In the year 2000, did anyone find even one woman wearing a streamlined flashlight on her head, unless she was perhaps a coal miner? Or convertible dresses, electric belts that adjust to […]

2045: A new era for humanity. In 2012 the first Global Future 2045 Congress was held in Moscow. A projection of imagined engineering feats that boggle the mind, like transferring one’s personality into an avatar, drastically altering social structure, endless gadgeteering, and on, and on. I’d be more comfortable with a projected future for humanity […]

Futurist Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, says that by 2045 we’ll be scanning the content of our brains and uploading it to computers. According to Kurzweil, we will have no need of our bodies at all, because somewhere down the road we will get robotic bodies. Maybe, but I’d suggest that Kurzweil himself […]

10 interesting futuristic materials. The best insulator is also the lowest density solid, aerogel. Also, nanotubes, metamaterials, amorphous metal, and so on. With all the fancy stuff we humans can do wouldn’t you think we’d be better able to solve our problems? TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious