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Now that the season to be jolly is history we’re in the season to seriously look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2011. And, to look forward to what we’ll pretend we want to accomplish in the coming year. Except, not me. When it comes time to make New Year’s Resolutions, I’m a no-show. Looking […]

With the questions raised by the Ancient Aliens television series I’m wondering whether our religions are simply wrong and our beliefs based on false assumptions. I have long held that there is a connection between religion and spirituality, although I consider myself “spiritual but not religious.” I have felt that during meditation I become attuned […]

There are a lot of things in my life that I regard as important. From spouse to friends and family, to writing, to videography, to making things, to reading, to movies, to laughter, to healthy food, to holistic healing, to walking, and more. I pay attention to personal hygiene, too, but if you ask my […]