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Patrick Combs’ one man show This 4 minute video isn’t Combs’ one man show. It’s a trailer for his one man show. But if I were you I’d still watch it because Combs deposited a $95,000 junk mail check in the bank as a joke, and it cashed! If a video of the show exists […]

Secrets Of Self Made Millionaires Brian Tracey is a motivational speaker who tells you how to make a million or two, or as many millions as you want. His advice includes dream big, do what you love to do, commit to excellence and more. Of course there are many stories about who became a success […]

Whenever I notice coincidences occurring in my life I pay attention because I believe the universe is giving me a gentle nudge to take a look. My latest series may seem trivial but let’s not forget that the kingdom was lost for want of a horseshoe nail. Who knows what wisdom we lose by not […]

When I was 15 years old, I often hung out at the local bowling alley, even during my school lunch hour. Sometimes I bowled a couple of lines. I was no more than a beginning bowler but one day I had an exceptional experience, and I’d bet that you’ve had at least one such experience […]

Two-bit Guru | Giving Inspiration | Photo showing a folded speech evaluation form.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write for today’s post, when last Thursday two young fellows each gave me gifts that caused me to feel really good, that glow-in-the-chest kind of good. Their gifts inspired me to share this little story. I help home-schooled kids grow beyond their inhibitions and gain confidence through […]

Two-bit Guru | Barcamp7 Followup | Photo of post-it drawings from BarCamp

There were lots of highlights for me at Milwaukee Barcamp 7, beside my own sessions on Meditation and Communication. The Green Hour was fun and informative, and ditto for a session on Minecraft (trying to keep my knowledge somewhere in range of my Grandkids’), the 3D scanner and printing systems were cool, and Charlie’s bee […]

Two-bit Guru | Milwaukee Barcamp 7

If there’s enough interest, I plan on presenting sessions on meditation & communication at Milwaukee Barcamp 7 on October 6 & 7 at Bucketworks. What’s a bar camp? It doesn’t have anything to do with bars and it’s vaguely related to camping because some out-of-towners bring sleeping bags. It’s an unconference. Follow the links. I […]

The great botanist George Washington Carver told a story of one day walking along the road and meeting a beggar who was heading toward town. The man asked Carver for money so he could get something to eat. As they parted, Carver thought about the encounter, marveling that the beggar was ignorant that an abundance […]

Startup Accelerator number 10 is coming up this Saturday, March 3, from 9 am to who-knows-when (usually winds down around 4-5 pm although some folks stick around to chat after). At Sector67, 2100 Winnebago Street, Madison, WI 53704. It’s an unconference for entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs, and anyone who just wants to see what it’s all […]

The Eighth Startup Accelerator unconference took place in Madison, WI, at the University of Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery this past Saturday. The Startup Accelerator offers free events, with lunch included, for entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-hopefuls to exchange ideas with each other and with folks who have expertise in a variety of areas. In a typical unconference, […]