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Ken Robinson on Passion In this lecture, Ken Robinson says that we ought to be comfortable with not knowing. Sir Ken points out that the Dalai Lama, if asked about something he knows nothing about, says, “I don’t know.” The Dalai (Lama) doesn’t know everything. The Dalai Lama does know, though, that it is a […]

Sir Ken Robinson on Education: Bring on the learning revolution! Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for personalized learning rather than the standardized, one size fits all educational systems we’ve got. Sir Ken says we’ve got to go further than reform. We must transform. We must have a revolution in education. Life is not linear; […]

Sir Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity Do schools kill creativity? From my experience, Yes, they do, big time. Sir Ken thinks they do, too. He is a funny guy, in a stand-up comedy kind of way, and in a professorial kind of way, too. He makes audaciously accurate observations, like we ought to value […]