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When I began this blog, one of my parameters was to emphasize the positive and do my best to not be confrontational. This short post is partly about Never Saying Never. No matter how lofty one’s intentions, a time might arise wherein there seems to be no avoiding confrontation. What would such a time be? […]

What’s wrong with today’s world besides unemployment, global warming, peak oil, warfare, riots, genetically engineered food and pesticides, pollution, world-wide debt both sovereign and personal, and starvation? I left out the destruction of the rainforest, the death of the soil that grows our food, oppression, burgeoning landfills, and more, because I don’t want to sound […]

Attention! I’ve had an epiphany! This epiphany of mine doesn’t cover the whole universe nor have I discovered where the God particle is hiding. It does cover the purpose of life on earth but possibly not everyone’s life and possibly only my own life. I had begun to wonder if I was ever going to […]

Let’s say we’re making a machine that will save the world. Don’t ask me how, let’s just say that’s what we are doing. Let’s say that’s our responsibility and our destiny. Let’s say that while we’re working on this machine we have in our fingers a special little gizmo, a transistor, say, that is the […]