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“The craziest ideas are often the most fun.” ~Two-bit Guru~ The concept of creating your own reality has got a pretty good grip on a sizable chunk of the human consciousness these days, although the idea has its limitations, particularly the death part. Once death sets in, your earthly reality is pretty much shot. The […]

In pursuit of spiritual discovery, let’s take a look at a couple of four letter words. Of course, THE four-letter word, the F-word, is a word so Bad that we need another word to describe it. When we say the F-word everybody knows what we mean. Moreover, we all know the word itself (the word […]

Karma is often thought of as retribution for past ill deeds you’ve committed. Say you forgot to speak with your God this morning and as a consequence you decide to steal the tin box where Grandpa keeps all his money. This is easy to do since you know where he hides the box and to […]