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Why do I have more leaky garden hoses than anyone else in the entire village? It’s not only because I’m a gardener but also because I absolutely adore stuff that other people have thrown away. It’s all free! I love trash picking the way some people love major league baseball, or ballet, or Sudoku. I […]

View Part I here. Still, no rain. I can’t recall a time when we’ve gone so long without rain. Nor can I recall a time when it’s been so hot. A few days ago I drove several miles away from Lake Michigan. The temperature was 103º F. I believe this is the highest natural temperature […]

IF we had these 90° temperatures, day after day after day, along with substantial rainfall, this could be an ideal growing season. Fact is, we have had no rain for weeks and no rain in sight for the future forecast. With the rain barrels empty, we are watering, watering, watering with village water from the […]

New stuff coming up: Extensive Garden Video, Part I will be posted on July 5. Movies for Saturday Night, starting on Saturday, July 7. We’ve made a video taking a look at the garden as of June 22. It looks like we will do this in two installments with Part I posting on Thursday, July […]

The Grandkids arrived several days ago from Dublin, with laptop, toys, and parents in tow. The kids are thoroughly immersed in the modern technological world. They know downloads, streaming video, Minecraft, Scratch, and Poisson Rouge. They keep me up to date as to what’s going on with the younger set. On their second day with […]

Wheatgrass in one of the easiest things to grow. You can be assured of an excellent crop every time. While making wheatgrass juice the kitchen fills with a wonderful aroma that says there is something nutritious going on here. I’ve never smelled anything like it. It’s a special kind of air freshener. The deep, deep […]

It might seem like a screwy idea to use a plastic container for a water conduit but it works perfectly well, and it’s free. I like free. Besides liking free (who doesn’t?) I also like the idea of reusing and upcycling–in a minor sort of way in this case. I considered writing a highfalutin bit […]