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If this time machine can’t take you into the past or into the future what kind of machine is it? Well, it’s more of a crystal ball for the electronic age. Invented by 27 year-old Ali Razeghi, it will predict the details of a person’s life 5-8 years out with an accuracy of 98%, according […]

Mayan Calendar image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” ~Chicken Little~ “Naw. It ain’t the sky. That’s just a chip off the Mayan Calendar.” ~Two-Bit Guru~ There’s been a lot of speculation lately about If the world will end on December 21, but I haven’t heard these Mayan calendar predictions say much about How. Since thinkers […]

If you read my most recent past post you know that I have little enthusiasm for New Year’s resolutions. Hope is another matter. I do have two hopes for the new year. At the very least, hope makes us feel better when we’ve got a headache (hope in pharmaceuticals), when we’ve lost our wallet (hope […]