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I continue to do experiments with stretching the garden season to year-round. If I can grow greens continually, there will be no reason to freeze greens. My plans include adding more cold frames and perhaps a miniature hoop house. In addition to the kale and leeks and lettuce and spinach that made it through the […]

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book OUTLIERS, he writes about the 10,000 hours of practice required of talented people in any field to become the best. The whole book is a fascinating read but somewhat disappointing in that without a fortuitous mix of ability, determination, and luck (including birth date), most of us aren’t going to become […]

Several years ago I gave a speech titled “Open All Doors, Take from All Sources,” in which I encouraged my audience to embrace Life in all its fullness. The speech didn’t go over, either because they might have thought I was talking about opening all doors and robbing people blind, or because the audience had […]