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Richard Feynman-The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out 50-minute interview. Nobel Prize winning physicist Feynman is a delightful source of stories and insights. He understands science in its most fundamental and thrilling aspects. He discusses the dark side of his career, too, contributing to the development of the atomic bomb that eventually destroyed Hiroshima. On a […]

Dr. Quantum-Double Slit Experiment This delightful animation explains the double slit anomaly in quantum physics. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds, but the conclusion will baffle the mind. The weirdest aspect of this is that electrons apparently act differently depending on whether they are being watched (observed, measured) or not. What?? Yep. That’s what […]

The God Within (FULL) from DivinityNow.com – Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger Adams refutes the persistent belief of physicists that physics can understand everything. Physics cannot be wholly explained without taking consciousness into account. Most conventional physicists, like Stephen Hawking, doesn’t believe in consciousness or free will. Adams shows no mercy in finding the […]

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity In Words of Four Letters or Less. More or less. No! Four or less, no “more” to it. Old Al had a grip on what he said. Lend an ear, and an eye (to read), and a mind, and see if you get the idea. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

The theoretical physicist known for his work on string theory, Michio Kaku, tells us in this video how to reverse aging, but as of yet we don’t know how to live forever. Darn. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

The Primer Fields, Part 1, presents the concept that bowl-shaped magnets are models for atomic “particles” (or waves) as well as for galaxies, and I suppose for everything in between. This might sound silly but the demonstrations are fascinating, and compelling. David LaPointe, who discovered these concepts, spoke of cheap electricity for everyone based on […]