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“Trouble, how many ways do I detest thee? Let me count the ways.” ~Not Quite William Shakespeare. In a lot of ways we do create our own reality but sometimes undesirable events occur in our lives in which we have no say whatsoever. A bolt of lightning, for instance, that kills or maims us. We […]

My credentials for spouting off about the spiritual realm are limited compared to others who have undergone deep study and rigorous discipline to arrive at spiritual truths. No PhD here, no ashram experience, no Master in the flesh who showed me the Way. Nevertheless, being human, I have no qualms about saying how I think […]

Karma is often thought of as retribution for past ill deeds you’ve committed. Say you forgot to speak with your God this morning and as a consequence you decide to steal the tin box where Grandpa keeps all his money. This is easy to do since you know where he hides the box and to […]