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Dr. Eben Alexander III About His Journey To Heaven In a 42-minute video interview with Jannecke Oinaes, Dr. Alexander, a neurosurgeon, relates the details of his near-death experience caused by a severe case of bacterial meningitis. By the sixth day of his coma he had only a 2% chance of survival. Inspirational. His best-selling book, […]

Man Dies and Comes Back to Life, What He Saw Mickey Robinson survived a plane crash after plummeting into an oak tree at 100 mph. He is convinced he saw God, or perhaps more accurately, experienced God, asked God to let him return to earth. This video has had nearly 21 million viewers. It is […]

If you’re having doubts about life after death, this reassuring link connects you with 51 other reassuring links in a list and a very interesting scientific study (the AWARE study) that explains an ongoing research project to prove that there is life after death. What will they think of next? TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious