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10 illegal baby names around the world. Who’d of thunk it? In Japan you cannot name your baby “Devil.” “Smelly Head” is out in Malaysia. Having a baby in Norway? Strike “Bridge” off your list of possible names. You can’t name your baby “Ampersand,” that is “@”, in China. Where do you suppose you can’t […]

An issue that came up at the end of Startup Accelerator 10 in Madison, WI, last Saturday, was What’s a quick, easy, effective way to break the ice? Ideally, everyone should feel comfortable and be able to interact freely with everyone else. It is after all an unconference. Maniacal laughter was a good icebreaker at […]

Much to the chagrin of some folks who need their universe ordered, predictable, and “scientific” (in the sense that all things and events that aren’t understood don’t exist), I tend to lean toward the unknown as the most interesting aspect of any situation, physical, metaphysical, or other. It’s not surprising to me that I experience […]