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Nikola Tesla-The Greatest Mind of All is from the History Channel’s Modern Marvels series. Tesla was a genius, no doubt many years ahead of his time. He invented radio transmission before Marconi, worked with x-rays before Roettgen was granted a Nobel Prize for doing the same, invented radar before others were officially credited, came up […]

Mind Power – Quantum Communication (1 of 9) by theobservereffect Mind Power – Quantum Communication is a longish movie at 2 1/2 hours, and it might be low-res, and there are some parts that are a bit on the hokey side, so why watch it? Because it’s got a lot of good ideas about consciousness […]

Winds of Change might tell you more than you ever thought you’d want to know about generating electricity with wind power. This documentary is straightforward with more facts than drama. It’s pretty dry, even when the wind generators are situated in the ocean. The movie is presented in four segments by IEEE TV, that’s the […]

We the Tiny House People looks at teensy-weensy houses from California to New York, to Spain, France, and more. There are tiny houses built on trailer beds to get around building codes, another carved out of a limestone quarry, a recovered pigeon coop on the roof of a building, boat houses, a converted garage, a […]

Jacques Fresco, the subject of this documentary, recognizes the perilous situation our planet is in, and for decades he has been speaking out about what needs to be done. He has a design resume longer than your proverbial arm, and has worked for aircraft companies, the Army, research companies, has taught design, created the Venus […]

If you’ve ever wondered about activist hackers the documentary “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists” is the place to find out what’s up. Be prepared to hear a lot of the F-word and see a lot of Guy Fawke’s masks, as in the movie V for Vendetta. There is anger, certainly, against the […]

Edible City is about Oakland, California, but you might not realize it right away. Michael Pollan does a cameo, and Wes Jackson of the Land Institute does a cameo, and I didn’t get what was going on right away because this documentary is a montage of people, gardens, community. It’s a whole bunch of people […]

In the 48-minute documentary, The Trouble With Atheism, level-headed host Rod Liddle presents the conflict in belief between Raging Atheists and Fairly Benign Christians. Perhaps he felt that Raging Atheists and Raging Christians would be a bit much for the average viewer, and of course, who could we root for if everyone is a jerk? […]

If you liked Garbage Warrior, and really get into the idea of Earthships, here’s an opportunity to sit in on a seminar by Mike Reynolds, the garbage warrior himself. Reynolds explains the evolution of earthship design by sketching on a whiteboard, frequently commenting on the screwiness of government regulations. Actually, Reynolds goes beyond the screwiness […]

Architect Mike Reynolds is the Garbage Warrior, in a documentary about his drive and determination to save planet earth from human destruction. He invents dwellings he calls earth ships in the area of Taos, New Mexico. He believes architecture is not addressing our serious planetary issues. He succeeds in making sustainable housing that functions completely […]