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Piff (younger brother) the Magic Dragon performs a funny magic tricks for an audience including Penn & Teller.   The Amazing Johnathan entertains by gouging and drill his eyeball, jamming a skewer up his nose, and other Norman Bates-esque magic tricks. This is a 1995 video. Haven’t heard from him yet in the millenium—I guess […]

I love to see magic tricks performed but if somebody shows me how to do the trick I am sorry that the illusion was shattered. If you like to see how magic tricks are done this is the site for you. Cut and restored dollars bills, card through the window, coin tricks, levitation tricks, and […]

Two-bit Guru | Edge of Science | Detail of a lithograph of Michael Faraday delivering a Christmas lecture at the Royal Institution | Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

After I wrote the free energy post last time, I began wondering how many people would react to it with a negative judgment. Some time ago I wrote that science doesn’t know what it doesn’t know. That’s true in the sense of the damage manipulative “science” can do and it’s also true that the “scientist” […]

This is a guest post by the artist, Alayna Rose. When I was a kid there were times when this feeling would come over me, surround me. I didn’t realize what was happening. All I knew is that half an hour or forty-five minutes later I felt very refreshed, rested. It was a feeling of […]

Yogi Sathya Sai Baba was said to manifest actual things, wrist watches, earrings, necklaces, and more. If he was making the stuff out of thin air that is truly a remarkable miracle. If he was somehow pilfering the goods from innocent victims through cosmic channels then that is miraculous, too, although the miracle would probably […]