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“Every life is an experiment and it’s our job to be good experimenters.” ~Two-bit Guru In this week’s link list: suspicious peanut butter leads to jail time, the best cities for urban forests, how to keep your child from watching too much TV, an unexpected item found in a grave, electronic tattoos for telepathy and […]

“When you direct your attention to what could go wrong, it often does.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: Bhutan goes totally organic, a video about the total amount of water on Earth, using soda caps as decorative siding in Siberia, a 15 year-old develops a method for detecting cancer, a car that parks […]

“Feel joy, and then give it to everyone else.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: a Kickstarter project to raise funds for a garden monitoring system, A Doctor looks at using smart phone technology to perform medical tests, a cure that’s worse than the disease, information uncovered about US government spraying poisons on citizens, […]

“I know a lot of people who think about meditating when it would be easier to just meditate.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: Downtown Chicago goes green, Will Allen and urban agriculture in Milwaukee, steampunk computer part art, the discovery of a 12,000 year old archeological site, why watching TV is bad for […]

“Why plan to leap when you can just leap, as long as you’re not standing on a cliff.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: an open letter detailing government assaults on residents with front yard gardens, how much wasted water goes into making one latte, an artist creates fun robots from junk, a healthcare […]

“You can learn all the meditation techniques in the world or you can just close your eyes and breathe.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: India requires labeling of GM food, an app that tells you when to plant for your zip code, artists in residency at a dump, an artist sketches her purchases […]

In this week’s link list: The city of Orlando is attacking gardens again, more green = less crime, an animation about the history of Industrialized Man, an island of longer life, unschooling and tips for the sluggish to energize instantly. I wish all the people in Orlando, Florida, who are conscious of sustainability would rise up in recognition […]

“Why are there never enough AA batteries? Sometimes AAA.” ~Two-bit Guru~ If you’ve got a guy who calls himself an “environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer,” who is to farming what Einstein was to physics, well, then you’ve got Joel Salatin. I first heard of him, or from him, in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and after […]

“There’s a pretty good chance that the ancient Gods and Goddesses who lived on mountains and cavorted with human beings were space aliens.” ~Two-bit Guru~ In this week’s link list: The benefits of eating an alkaline diet, a raw milk dairy is suing the FDA, how to build an Amish cold frame, a circuit bent […]

“If you’re on the 10th floor of a tall building can you make yourself dizzy by looking down at the floor and imagining all the space between you and the ground?” ~Two-bit Guru~ In today’s link list: Fracking in the Great Lakes region, gardens on top of city buses, a simple mortality risk test, an […]