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Landfill Harmonic – The world sends us garbage. . . We send back music. Inspirational, heartwarming, beautiful. . . in less than 4 minutes. You gotta see, and hear, this one to believe it. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

African man Creates 3D printer from junk for space exploration. Also has a short video on the subject. Cool. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Sea of rubbish left behind by 90,000 music fans at Reading Festival. If you like rubbish you’ll love these photos. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

This short video gives you glimpses of a bicycle being made from junk car parts. Not enough info to actually build your own bicycle from scrap but intriguing enough to make you consider it. Read more on designboom. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

DIY: If you like crazy stuff cobbled together from junk you might enjoy this how to build a bicycle repair stand video. Even with all the junk it still cost the guy $15 for parts. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Susan Burnstine’s beautiful ethereal photographs are not made with conventional cameras and digital massaging. Her photos are created in-camera, with cameras that she makes herself out of, basically, junk. An old magnifying glass, plastic, rubber, garbage bags, cinema foil, cardboard, vintage toy camera parts. Might as well toss out the old Nikon, eh? TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” ~a pithicism~ “One man’s hoarding is another man’s sustainability. This goes for women, too.” ~Two-bit Guru~ I was thinking about some of the habits of my sustainable lifestyle. Trash picking, recycling, upcycling, saving jars (with and without lids), saving nails, bolts, and screws, composting, saving cardboard boxes,  making […]

Two-bit Guru | Salvaged Goods | Photo of silt fencing and a wooden box received from a neighbor

How would you like to have a neighbor who actually delivers salvaged goods to your door from numerous sources? If you’re a trash picker like me I’m sure you’d answer with an enthusiastic Yes! Please contain your envy because I enjoy such a situation. My trash-purveying neighbor is a landscaper and he comes across all […]

Two-bit Guru - How To Organize Your Clutter - Photo of boxes used to organize junk, metal, plastic, etc.

“Trash Pickers of the world, Unite!” ~Two-bit Guru As with anything, the key to organizing clutter is to define the broad categories first, then work down to the specifics. The broadest category of junk is one big pile of stuff with everything in it. You know everything is “There.” It’s easy to find larger objects […]

“Oops.” ~Two-bit Guru In an earlier post I said today I would to tell you about how to organize your junk  but this dang rant broke loose like an oil spill and I couldn’t stop it. Organizing junk next time, or hoarding, or something. When most people think of junk they probably think of a […]