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Four Products That Are Going Extinct Here’s what’s happening: Cell phones are replacing credit cards, Yellow pages are losing out to the Internet (obviously), Business cards are down-the-toilet-bound, thanks to LinkedIn, and desktop computers are giving way to laptops. Read all about it here. Newspapers are giving way to everything. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Here’s what an undersea data cable actually looks like. It’s what makes the world wide web the world wide web. I thought they did it with satellites. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Whadya say we give the ants their own Internet? Crazy idea? Yes it is because they already have one, sort of. The dangerous collaboration between an ant biologist and a computer scientist has revealed that protocols that control web traffic are similar to the behavior of harvester ants foraging for food. Contact them at www.ant.com. […]