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Secret flower planter threatened with arrest if he doesn’t stop planting flowers. You’d think that a person who has planted flowers in public places on 4 continents would be admired,  lauded, awarded Something by Somebody. Not in Washington where Henry Docter has been planting and tending flowers, illegally, at the Dupont Circle Metro station. I’m […]

Take a look at electron microscope photographs of self-assembling nanoflowers that are as beautiful as they are tiny. The colors are artificial, whatever that means. Aren’t the nanoflowers themselves artificial? TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Two-bit Guru | How to Root Geraniums

When my landscaping neighbor offered a hefty pile of geraniums for worm food I took him up on it, not for worm food, but for dry-rooting over winter. Hefty pile, did I say? There were about a hundred, maybe two hundred, plants delivered to my garage door in three big barrels. They were a sorry […]