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How to Become Enlightened Who other than wikiHow would step up to tell us all how to become enlightened, in only 13 steps. Wow, the fast track to infinite wisdom. This has got to have to the goods, the real goods, because 46 editors so far have worked it up. I could have saved a […]

David Icke: Breaking the Spell & the Full Magnitude of Who We Are! David Icke (pronounced “Ike”) has made some far-out (maybe) and scary observations about the reality of our world and its inhabitants. In the past he’s spoken of shape-shifting reptilians, the elite, extraterrestials, and more. In this 30-minute video he isn’t scary but […]

The thing is, things are a huge problem. ~Two-bit Guru~ As I’ve written previously, the Pachamama Alliance recognizes that we in the industrial world are in a trance. In my estimation this trance is centered on greed, power, destruction of nature, and ultimately results in an ocean of things that are bad for the environment. […]

Two-bit Guru | Beyond the Physical | Photo of the full moon, with a few clouds in the night sky | dark, light, tree, branches, shine

An awesome amount of material has been written in recent years about the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of meditation. I know from personal experience that such benefits do accrue to those who meditate. As marvelous as these benefits are, there are aspects of meditation even more wonderful that transcend material existence, going beyond the […]

Decades ago, I had a friend, an intellectual, a fellow American, who knew a lot about India, its religions, its obscure languages, its culture. He once declared to me, Americans want to possess enlightenment. This insight was so accurate that it has stuck with me all these years. I can’t pretend that I haven’t gone […]