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Very cool way to separate egg yolk. All you need is 2 bowls, and a plastic water bottle. Am I forgetting something? Oh yes, eggs. Since I never have need of separating the yolks from the whites this doesn’t mean much to me, but it is very cool. Very, very cool. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Starting at the top, at 12 o’clock and going around the plate clockwise: EGGS slightly scrambled or fluffed, fried in olive oil and turmeric. Cut into quarters. QUESADILLA: Place cheese, red peppers, chopped onions between two tortillas. Slightly brown both sides in pan with olive oil and turmeric. Cut into quarters. COTTAGE CHEESE sprinkled with […]

If you’re interested in the debate whether you should keep eggs in the fridge? (Or not?) then you’ll probably want to read the pros and cons of the issue in this article, the scientific hoopla, and the feeble puns about cracking the problem. Or you might just say to heck with it, what’s the difference? […]