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Binaural Beats DNA Repair If an hour in the last post was too much for you, you might not want to try this, because although it’s slightly more interesting it does last for 6 hours. No, I didn’t listen to it all the way through to see if it’s always the same. The mixture of […]

528hz Binaural Beat Transformation and Miracles How about exactly one hour of one tone at 528hz and one blue visual of a DNA spiral? Sound like fun? Maybe not—it’s not the easiest thing to listen to, BUT, research has shown that that frequency actually heals DNA. If you suspect you’ve got some faulty DNA wiring […]

Spirit Science 1 – 15 FULL MOVIE There is much to say about these Spirit Science lessons, about the insights, the challenging ideas, the remarkable possibilities available to us living in this universe. The ideas presented here may seem outrageous to you, but I urge you to stay open and stick with it. I discovered […]

Alien DNA. Unknown, Naked Blonde Alien (EBE) DNA, Polygraph Results. 10-minute video. This is an extraordinary story about an ordinary guy, Peter, who finds not one but two naked female aliens sitting at the foot of his bed. Apparently, at least one of them has sex with him because he finds two hairs in a […]

Epigentics 10-minute video. If you’ve been going around bragging about your good genes, it’s about time you listen up because genetics isn’t where it’s at any more. Your DNA doesn’t mean squat compared to what? Epigenetics that’s what. Your genes do what they do because epigenetics tells them what to do. What does that mean? […]

Starchild Skull For Dummies Lloyd Pye offers proof that the skull in question is extraterrestrial. DNA analysis shows that the starchild was conceived by a human mother and a non-human father. But there’s more: Comparison of the number of differences in mitochondrial DNA between human and starchild shows that while humans have 120 base pair […]