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The Grandkids arrived several days ago from Dublin, with laptop, toys, and parents in tow. The kids are thoroughly immersed in the modern technological world. They know downloads, streaming video, Minecraft, Scratch, and Poisson Rouge. They keep me up to date as to what’s going on with the younger set. On their second day with […]

Warning: This post is about simple garden harvest routines, no secrets about how to grow 500-pound pumpkins or 7,000 cherry tomatoes on one vine, no inside information on turning a roughly 2% of an acre garden plot into a $100,000-a-year business. We start with carrots. Last weekend I harvested carrots from the garden, a little […]

When I was a kid I loved getting dirty, digging in the ground, playing in mud puddles, any activity ensuring that by the end of the day I would have achieved a state of maximum grubbiness. This had the added effect of stirring the disgust of uncles, great aunts, and a considerable portion of the […]