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David Icke on Cancer – One of the Most Corrupt Industries on Earth: The Cancer Industry In an interview on The Richie Allen Show, Icke exposes the cancer treatment scam. If chemotherapy is the cure, why does chemo destroy the immune system? Wilhelm Reich, an early pioneer in curing cancer was persecuted by the US […]

Mind Over Matter Science and Spirit meet in this 10-minute documentary. David Icke & Gregg Braden appear, Deepak Chopra’s unmistakeable voice is there, as well as some science types, all expressing harmony. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Scientific Proof David Icke Was Right About the Reptilians? Awareness of aliens on planet earth has been growing at some sort of geometric rate, it seems to me. Red Pill Philosophy examines the lizard brain in our human heads, and more. Consider that there might be shape-shifting reptiles in our midst. A tamer interpretation of […]

The Archons – David Icke According to Icke, Archons do exist. They have been on the earth for many centuries, perhaps millenia. They might be the popular alien greys. The predominant characteristic of Archons is they are deceitful. They have no imagination, and tend to turn everything upside down, and are the source of Satanism. […]

What Humanity Needs To Realize In this 4-minute video you can learn how we must change. Bill Hicks wonders whether under the pressure of humanity nature will just break. John Perkins, the ex-economic hitman, observes that indigenous people simply don’t do anything that’s not sustainable as opposed to our culture that seems to do nothing […]

David Icke: Was he right? David Icke went from being a laughingstock to becoming an extremely popular presenter. If you’re not familiar with him, prepare to be shocked. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

David Icke: Breaking the Spell & the Full Magnitude of Who We Are! David Icke (pronounced “Ike”) has made some far-out (maybe) and scary observations about the reality of our world and its inhabitants. In the past he’s spoken of shape-shifting reptilians, the elite, extraterrestials, and more. In this 30-minute video he isn’t scary but […]