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Two-bit Guru - How To Organize Your Clutter - Photo of boxes used to organize junk, metal, plastic, etc.

“Trash Pickers of the world, Unite!” ~Two-bit Guru As with anything, the key to organizing clutter is to define the broad categories first, then work down to the specifics. The broadest category of junk is one big pile of stuff with everything in it. You know everything is “There.” It’s easy to find larger objects […]

Why do I have more leaky garden hoses than anyone else in the entire village? It’s not only because I’m a gardener but also because I absolutely adore stuff that other people have thrown away. It’s all free! I love trash picking the way some people love major league baseball, or ballet, or Sudoku. I […]

Stuff & Clutter seem to go together, as the song might have said, like love & marriage. You can’t have one without the other. Like love & marriage, stuff and clutter is fraught with conflicting emotions. We might love our stuff (or our spouse), but sometimes the clutter (or the marriage) is almost too much […]