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Rod Peterson’s cancer cured with Baking Soda 9-minute video interview. Rod Peterson explains that he was basically told to go home to die but didn’t comply with the prognosis. The doctor was amazed that the tumors were shrinking. Clever Rod didn’t clue the doctor in about the baking soda. Continued treatment and the tumors were [...]

A doctor discuss the benefits of physical activity during and after cancer treatment. It’s worth watching, even if you haven’t had cancer. [via: mercola] TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

0034 My Life as a Prayer FI

I became good friends with Ed Thompson when we made a documentary about him called A Remarkable Man. The title doesn’t do his unique character justice. I have never met anyone else like Ed and I probably never will. After the documentary, Ed and I went on to create a weekly radio commentary, Just a [...]