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Two-bit Guru | Milwaukee Barcamp 7

If there’s enough interest, I plan on presenting sessions on meditation & communication at Milwaukee Barcamp 7 on October 6 & 7 at Bucketworks. What’s a bar camp? It doesn’t have anything to do with bars and it’s vaguely related to camping because some out-of-towners bring sleeping bags. It’s an unconference. Follow the links. I […]

Startup Accelerator number 9 is coming up this Saturday, January 21, from 9 am to who-knows-when (usually winds down around 4-5 pm although some folks stick around to chat after). At Bucketworks, 706 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204. It’s an unconference for entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs, and anyone who just wants to see what it’s […]

I’ve never been able to understand the mayhem associated with the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, particularly since that day sort of marks the beginning of Christmas shopping, a holiday ostensibly about peace, joy and love. Not so for a 15 year-old girl from Muskegon, MI, who was trampled (fortunately not to death) by rabid […]