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Two-bit Guru | Give 'n Take | Photo of a weed in the foreground with pole beans in the background getting ready to harvest

“Giving, in all its forms, might be the key to creating heaven on this earth” ~Two-bit Guru~ Throughout the growing season the earth gives us gifts: peas and lettuce early, potatoes and dry beans near the end, but if we didn’t give to the earth along the way, the harvest wouldn’t be nearly as abundant, […]

The rewards of the garden in October are multiple. There’s the accounting of the quantitative results, either in pounds of tomatoes or quarts canned. There’s an accounting of the qualitative results as well, either a given crop was good or not so good, a lot or a few, hardy or weak, tasty or bland. There […]

We are raising two varieties of shell beans this year, Arikara, a bush-type and Hidatsa, a pole-type. These beans are both named after the North Dakota Native Americans who first grew them. We got the seeds, naturally (ooh, a punccident), from Seed Savers Exchange. Our intention is to work up some variations on baked bean […]