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They Call Me Grandma Techno Grandma Techno travels to Beirut, deals with stress by ignoring it, gets down at music festivals, takes pictures, she’s an artist, and can’t walk. She gets around with a mobility scooter, even dances by hanging on to the scooter handlebar, although her feet don’t move. She’s definitely a feisty old […]

Opportunity knocks. That’s what we’ve been told. You hear stories all the time about the unshaven couch potato in a tank top undershirt who lolls around in the recliner watching TV all day and night, eating (perhaps) potato chips, drinking (perhaps) beer, when … suddenly … there’s a knock at the door. Why, it’s Opportunity! […]

“Trouble, how many ways do I detest thee? Let me count the ways.” ~Not Quite William Shakespeare. In a lot of ways we do create our own reality but sometimes undesirable events occur in our lives in which we have no say whatsoever. A bolt of lightning, for instance, that kills or maims us. We […]

“It is the mind that maketh good or ill, That maketh wretch or happy, rich or poor.” Michel de Montaigne “And the face …” Eno In the previous blog, I wrote about how our facial expressions can change our feelings. We also express our feelings with our faces. Almost too obvious to state, isn’t it? […]

“I don’t know how many parts this thing will have, but you can be sure it will have at least one.” Eno When a friend told me a long time ago that we create our own reality I thought he was screwy, but I was willing to accept two things: If I spend a day […]

What’s wrong with today’s world besides unemployment, global warming, peak oil, warfare, riots, genetically engineered food and pesticides, pollution, world-wide debt both sovereign and personal, and starvation? I left out the destruction of the rainforest, the death of the soil that grows our food, oppression, burgeoning landfills, and more, because I don’t want to sound […]

Attention! I’ve had an epiphany! This epiphany of mine doesn’t cover the whole universe nor have I discovered where the God particle is hiding. It does cover the purpose of life on earth but possibly not everyone’s life and possibly only my own life. I had begun to wonder if I was ever going to […]

  There are a lot of people running around loose these days who see themselves as being trapped in a rut and they don’t know how they got there. Since these rut-dwellers are unable to export their wisdom to others, who might be seeking a comfortable and properly irritating rut for themselves, I draw on […]

For as long as I can remember,and believe me that’s a fairly long time, I have been making lists. Checking off items on a list gives me the satisfaction of having accomplished something, even if it’s only piling up nuts and yogurt in a grocery cart. A couple of days ago I had a few […]