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Anunnaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien Part 3 8-minute video. James Casbolt, supposedly a former MI6 agent, and the originator of the image, says there is an internal war between shadow factions for control of planet earth. References are made to guys like Sir Martin Wakefield Jacomb, former CIA head William Casey, grey and reptilian aliens, all […]

Anunnaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien Part 2 (Revisited) A closer look at the details. Her nose, the position of her brows in relation to her ears, the shape of her head, all suggest that she might very well be an extraterrestrial. 4-minute video. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Anunnaki Female Extraterrestrial Alien Part 1 (Brief Analysis) Take a look at this photo of a supposedly actual female “Tall White” alien. Filters alter the colors to bring out details. She looks like alabaster or plaster to me, but as the 4-minute video asks, What do you think? A close-up of a fact sheet overlaying […]