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Walking City: An Evolving Video Sculpture Morphs in Response to Architecture In this 8-minute digital animation the simple act of walking continually and slowly morphs from a blocky form into successive shapes of varying degrees of fluidity. It’s better to watch than to read a description of it, so Watch. [via: colossal] TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Earthing. One minute, forty seconds. Animation. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

If you’ve ever wondered how a zipper works, or a locomotive, or a sewing machine, and more, this is the place for you to see complicated devices explained in simple animations. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

If you want to know the size of everything in the universe, you’ve come to the right place. Includes the Horsehead Nebula, HIV virus, and more on both ends of the scale. At the smallest there is Quantum Foam, String (physicists’ string not kite), and the Planck Length, which has nothing to do with carpentry. […]

Late 19th and early 20th century stereoviews of old Japan, animated (of all things). The effect is very cool. Ask your grandma if she remembers her grandma’s stereoscope viewer. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious