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Top 10 Bad Inventions The heated bra looks more like strategic padding but who’s quibbling. There are self-lighting cigarettes, a dress that looks like a vending machine, canoe shoes for the canoe deprived. You have to see the anti-theft suitcase to believe it. And more. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Your favorite drink under a microscope. Even if you don’t drink, and drink means alcoholic beverages, you’ll probably get a kick (haha) out of these photomicrographs. I’d think bourbon and tequila wouldn’t look as different as they do. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

In his book, 59 seconds–Change your Life in less than a minute, Richard Wiseman writes of his research on giving college students free alcoholic beverages in exchange for their taking simple tests along the way to measure their drunkenness. As they drank more and more the students walked a straight line less and less, got […]

In my last post we visited the world of a hypothetical couch potato and made him/her into a hypothetical entrepreneur. Stories like these comprise a facet of the American Dream, that says anybody can come up with a gimmick and make a fortune, and indeed sometimes it does happen. Even though I invented our couch […]

While we may touch the eternal through meditation, the body goes on deteriorating like all living bodies must do. Although our demise is an ongoing process there are enticing rallies, like stocks in a bear market, that give us hope that the game ain’t over yet. In the wintertime the demise inches forward, or downward, […]

  We often speak of our life’s path as though it runs in a straight line, or possibly that it’s more like a meandering lane. Looking back I have come to realize that my path hasn’t been, and isn’t now, an easy target to define. When I drank beer, wine, and Scotch whiskey in my […]