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Awaken the World. Beautiful visuals while a narrator lucidly explains many aspects of spirit and awareness in 4 half-hour segments: 1-Akasha, 2- The Spiral, 3-The Serpent and the Lotus, 4-Beyond Thinking. If you watch Part 1 I’m pretty sure you’ll want to watch all of them. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

I don’t consider myself a master of psychic power but I’ve seen enough examples of it within me and within others to know that such awareness is available to all. When any psychic experience occurs, no matter how small, it is a satisfying and even beautiful event. A short while ago I had a little […]

Two-bit Guru | Beyond the Physical | Photo of the full moon, with a few clouds in the night sky | dark, light, tree, branches, shine

An awesome amount of material has been written in recent years about the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of meditation. I know from personal experience that such benefits do accrue to those who meditate. As marvelous as these benefits are, there are aspects of meditation even more wonderful that transcend material existence, going beyond the […]