Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon, looks like a book worth looking at. The project started as a talk based on a list of 10 things the writer wished he had heard when he was starting out. This list itself is valuable advice:

Steal Like an Artist | Austin Kleon

Solar Roads | FastCompany Exist

Solar Roads

These solar roads could power the entire country. Watch the slide show to learn about a fascinating possibility for energy production.

Are You Right-Brained Or Left-Brained?

Take this visual test and in less than two minutes you’ll know if you’re left-brained or right-brained or both-brained or what. When I was younger I was strongly right-brained but it looks like now I am definitely in woo-woo land. It’s bright and colorful in here.

Binaural Beats DNA Repair

If an hour in the last post was too much for you, you might not want to try this, because although it’s slightly more interesting it does last for 6 hours. No, I didn’t listen to it all the way through to see if it’s always the same. The mixture of frequencies is more compelling, if that’s the appropriate word, than the one steady 528hz signal in the last post. This one will fix up your DNA, too.

528hz Binaural Beat Transformation and Miracles

How about exactly one hour of one tone at 528hz and one blue visual of a DNA spiral? Sound like fun? Maybe not—it’s not the easiest thing to listen to, BUT, research has shown that that frequency actually heals DNA. If you suspect you’ve got some faulty DNA wiring tune in for an hour and you’ll be good as new, possibly. This is intriguing stuff, you bet.


In a TEDx talk, Randy Powell shows a video that demonstrates the energy produced by a vortex coil that has no connection to any other energy source. He believes, along with his teacher Marko Rodin, that vortex math holds the key to accessing unlimited energy, ending all diseases, producing an unlimited food supply, and just about any other good thing you can think of. Neither Powell nor Rodin are afraid of thinking big. Powell says this energy has been referred to as tachyons, gravitons, monopoles, radiant energy, chi, prana, the motive driving force behind all reality. This revolutionary way of thinking blends math and energy with spirit. These guys do think big.

A couple of weeks ago I knew nothing of vortex mathematics but now I am thoroughly fascinated, and hooked. Randy presents a basic introduction to vortex math below:

Randy Powell: Intro to Vortex Math

Lady Catches Glimpse of Other Realities and Dimensions on Film. 8-minute video

For 30 years Stella Lansing, an amateur photographer, found some mighty strange images on her “ordinary” photos. She has experienced the same phenomena with film and later video cameras. Images of people, or beings, odd patterns of light (even using different cameras) appear on her film and video. Stella says that she intuitively seems to know just where to point the camera to get these extraordinary results. Researchers wonder whether somehow Stella unconsciously influences the images with her mind. This is a mystery that I’d like to hear more about.


The unconventional John Hutchison, inventor and, in my opinion, genius scientist, demonstrates antigravity and other surprising phenomena. Mainstream academic American scientists think he’s bogus but apparently the military is quite interested (makes John very uncomfortable) in what he’s up to, and so are the Japanese. Silly Americans. John also demonstrates a zero point energy battery he invented. Yep, a battery that never runs down, at least not for a thousand years or so. John Hutchison is my kind of scientist. He says he doesn’t want to change himself, in fact, he likes himself. Bravo, John!

FREE ENERGY NOW NOT LATER will be cheap not costly

John Hutchison demonstrates the lighting of a 75 watt light bulb with a free energy gizmo. A stack of 70 crystal wafers, frosted, make the thing work. Hutchinson reminds me of Michael Faraday. I’ve seen enough of John to be 100% sure that he’s not a fake.

Spirit Science 1 – 15 FULL MOVIE

There is much to say about these Spirit Science lessons, about the insights, the challenging ideas, the remarkable possibilities available to us living in this universe. The ideas presented here may seem outrageous to you, but I urge you to stay open and stick with it. I discovered Spirit Science by stumbling upon one of the later Lessons by itself on Youtube. In all honesty I can say that I thought this was some pretty crazy stuff but since then I have come to understand that Spirit Science is all about seeking the Truth.

Part 1 of a video interview with the young man who created this work, Jordan A Duchnycz, is available here. You can contact Jordan here:

I urge you to view the 15 lessons in order so that premature doubt doesn’t thwart you from experiencing the whole body of work. There are links at the end of each lesson for further exploration of the subject matter. So far, Spirit Science has had 2,356,399 views.

To give you some idea of what is presented here, I’ve provided a very short synopsis of each of the lessons, but please look at these as delightful gifts to look forward to while viewing the Lessons in order. Before the timecode I have listed, there’s a short transition introducing the lesson.

Spirit Science Lesson 1 Thoughts
We are all connected mentally and spiritually as well as physically. We manifest our thoughts in the physical in our day-to-day lives. This is true of other creatures, too. Our emotional states create our reality, and we co-create our collective reality. Dr. Emoto’s water experiments show the influence of intent on the physical realm.

Spirit Science Lesson 2 Chakras (13:56)
The colors of the spinning wheel-like energy vortices of the body. Harmony of mind-body-spirit through energizing the chakras. Chakras are like the etheric motors of the soul.
There are oodles of chakras. These are the basic 7:
Base chakra—survival, connected to the adrenal gland.
Second chakra—sex, connected to the gonads.
Third—power/ego, connected to the pancreas.
Fourth—love, connected to the thymus.
Fifth—expression, connected to the thyroid.
Sixth—third eye, psychic & intuitive, connected to the pituitary gland.
Seventh—crown chakra, spiritual, connected to the pineal gland.
Methods of opening the chakras. Reiki is the best method of opening the chakras.

Spirit Science Lesson 3, Channeling (21:31)
Information from a higher being is communicated through means other than spoken words. Using the third eye to communicate with pets. The pineal gland. Use your intuition when channeling higher beings. Bashar. Beings of Light. Sirius & the Pleiades (a cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus). Thoth.
A book, Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizidek. Crimson Circle is a site with lots of spiritual information.

Spirit Science Lesson 4, Male Female (34:57)
Male energy looks at parts & female energy looks at wholes. The energies are not primarily about sexual orientation. Fibonacci spiral. Left brain: male, right brain female. Indigo children. Here’s an interesting site about art love sex and relationships.

Spirit Science Lesson 5, The Keys of our Past (44:43)
Part 1: Dogons, Sirius B, and Dolphins. African tribe Dogons & the star Sirius & Sirius A, Sirius B. DNA.
Part 2: How old is the Sphinx?
Part 3: Earth Relation to the Cosmos. Time is speeding up. Why is this happening now? Precession of the equinox. From female energy to male energy.

Spirit Science Lesson 6, Flower of Life (56:27)
A pattern of sacred geometry found all around the world. Vesica Picis. The seed of life or the Genesis pattern. The Kabala. The egg of life, which equals the original 8 cells of your physical body. The Flower of Life. The Fruit of Life, 13 circles in a geometric array, a female shape with no straight lines. Connecting the centers with straight lines (male) you get the Metatrons Cube. The Platonic Solids. Ether, Prana, Tachyon energy. Click here for more on sacred geometry. Also check out the 21st Century Science and Technology website.

Spirit Science Lesson 7, Dimensions (1:06:55)
Coral & quantum mechanics. Geometry & subatomic particles. Hexagonal patterns, and more, that correspond with the Flower of Life, the Fruit of Life & more. People with animal heads: Neters. The significance of 90 degrees. Everything is waveforms. The significance of 7.23cm wavelength & body dimensions. Sound and vibrations. The number 144.
Here’s where to learn how to to ease your transmutation back into your true Multidimensional Self, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.
Garrett Lisi-Theory of Everything, TEDTalk.
Sacred Harmonic Geometry.

Spirit Science Lesson 8, Meditation (1:16:46)
Robert Monroe & Astral Projection & more. The core self, our essence. The animal sub-self. The conscious mind. Human mind external. Human mind role. Others thoughts of you. Connecting with the core self through meditation. Basic meditation technique. Binaural beats, discovered by Robert Monroe.
The Monroe Institute.
The Ultimate Journey by Robert Monroe.
Robert Monroe’s Hemi Sync web site
Binaural brainwave doses for every imaginable mood.

Spirit Science Lesson 9, Astral Projection (1:27:07)
The astral realm, i.e. the 4th dimension, higher vibrational level. The astral planes. Meeting non-physical guides. Heaven & Hell. Lucid dreaming. An enactment of lucid dreaming.
Jordan highly recommends this book.
And more books:
Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, PhD.,
Robert Monroe:
Far Journeys
Ultimate Journey
Journeys out of the Body
Lucidology web site (Nicholas Newport)
World of Lucid Dreaming web site
Abhishek Agarwal, Amazing Journeys Outside Your Body
Steve Jones
More on Astral Projection.

Spirit Science Lesson 10, Math of God (1:41:27)
Phi, the Golden Ratio, the mathematical root of all mathematical sequences, is found throughout the human body, and in butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, fish, and more, and plants. Fibonacci Sequence. Nautilus shell and Fibonacci. Also sunflowers, and in the universe. Binary sequences. Male & female in polar projection. The star tetrahedron, i.e. the Star of David. Deriving the Fruit of Life from the Star of David.
Science Daily
The Face on Mars

Phi & Fibonacci:
The Golden Number
The Geometry Code

Spirit Science Lesson 11, Evolution (1:56:48)
The Platonic Solids can be put inside of a cube, or inside a sphere.
Circle and square. Who were we? Who are we? What will we be? The geometric levels of consciousness. The Great Pyramid. Christ Consciousness. DNA is being activated beyond its current state.
Humans Are Free
Rise Earth
Spirit Library
Spirit Pathways Foundation

Spirit Science Lesson 12, Human History (2:10:38)
The sinking of Lemuria & the rising of Atlantis, and the scattering of people. The Naacals were Ascended Masters. The Tree of Life form was applied to Atlantis. Kundalini. Hebrews brought many ideas to us from our future. The Lucifer Experiment: Martians came to earth. The Merkaba. The Mayas. Polar Shift. Rotation of the earth’s crust. The Emerald Tablets. The Sphinx.
Bodie & Barbara McCoy
Zecharia Sitchin

Spirit Science Lesson 13, Crystals (3:07:38)
Crystals vibrate at many frequencies at once. Crystals can correct imbalances in your body. 6 categories of crystals, all derived from the cube. Silicon, like carbon, supports life. Practical uses of crystals. Orgonite.
What is Orgonite?
Astro Awareness
The Crystal Healing Shop
Peaceful Mind
Charms of Light

Spirit Science Lesson 14, Insights of Ascension (3:41:57)
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
The first insight: Something spiritual under everything we do. Synchronicity.
The second insight: We are in process of constructing a new view of the world we live in.
The third insight: The universe is made entirely of energy that responds to how we think.
The fourth insight: We have competed with each other for energy that we try to draw from other people.
The fifth insight: Competition for energy is unnecessary.
The sixth insight: In order to be in a state of love with the world we need to let go of old patterns of behavior, like using control dramas on others to draw energy from them.
The seventh insight: Getting clear of control dramas we are free to meditate, experience a steady stream of intuitions, dream. Find your path.
The eighth insight: We can aid others as they bring us the insights we seek. Uplift those who cross your path.
The ninth insight: Participate in your consciousness evolution. Increase your vibrations.

Spirit Science Lesson 15, The Power of the Heart (3:50:40)
The heart is the first organ to develop in an embryo. The Institute of HeartMath. Emotions affect heart rhythm. Psychophysiological Coherence. The electromagnetic field emanating from the heart. The heart is the center of unity. The brain is the center of duality. Live in your heart. It is the gateway to the divine.
Spirit Science web site.