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You’re probably wondering why we’ve been away. We’re working on a new format for the site and it’s taking longer than we expected. We plan on providing more content from more sources. We want to become your source for stories, information, fun videos and more relating to the topics we’ve previously covered on this blog. […]

Two-bit Guru | New Site Layout | Screenshot capture on the new homepage for

Welcome to the new layout for Two-bit Guru! I do hope you like it. Everything that was on the site before is here now, but in a more easily accessible form. I’ve made one small change in the short comments next to my picture: I removed the word “success” and replaced it with “satisfaction.” I […]

We’ve added more features to the Two-Bit Guru blog over time. We started with two posts a week, on Monday and Thursday, and since then we’ve added the link list, the garden cams, an occasional short piece, the Saturday movies, and we intend to continue in that vein in the years to come. In order […]

New stuff coming up: Extensive Garden Video, Part I will be posted on July 5. Movies for Saturday Night, starting on Saturday, July 7. We’ve made a video taking a look at the garden as of June 22. It looks like we will do this in two installments with Part I posting on Thursday, July […]