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Two-bit Guru | Leave Fear Behind | Photo of raspberry leaves that have been eaten by Japanese Beatles

“Some sages say we should leave fear behind but I’d rather have it right out there in front of me where I can keep an eye on it” ~Two-bit Guru~ About a year ago, I wrote about Japanese beetles among the raspberries and contemplated making peace with them by accepting their existence as being as […]

Two-bit Guru | Edge of Science | Detail of a lithograph of Michael Faraday delivering a Christmas lecture at the Royal Institution | Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

After I wrote the free energy post last time, I began wondering how many people would react to it with a negative judgment. Some time ago I wrote that science doesn’t know what it doesn’t know. That’s true in the sense of the damage manipulative “science” can do and it’s also true that the “scientist” […]

“You never know where you’re going to find something useful.” ~Two-bit Guru~ Once upon a time—this story isn’t a fairy tale but they do have some things in common—there was a psychology professor whose early traumatic experiences during WWII caused him to develop a revolutionary way of organizing his life. And there was a football […]

Two-bit Guru - Can Do - Black and white photo of a fedora and wire rimmed glasses

There was an inventor named Cal in my hometown who projected 16mm movies on a sheet stretched between trees in his back yard, for neighborhood kids on summer nights. He knew about all sorts of stuff, like how to draw cartoons, how to make things, how to be funny, and how to go right to […]

“The amazing thing is these favorable coincidences keep on happening. What a coincidence!” ~Two-Bit Guru I’ve been going around in the vortex of coincidence these days, with some degree of awe. I feel like I’ve gotten a glimpse into the workings of the universe, but it’s only a glimpse and I won’t be saying I’ve […]

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book OUTLIERS, he writes about the 10,000 hours of practice required of talented people in any field to become the best. The whole book is a fascinating read but somewhat disappointing in that without a fortuitous mix of ability, determination, and luck (including birth date), most of us aren’t going to become […]

“Cords. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.” –Two-Bit Guru Everyone knows you can put a pile of cords in a box and when you try to take the cords out of the box they are all jumbled up (although not hopelessly so unless you’re overly melodramatic). Nobody seems to know why cords get […]

The past couple of days I’ve been reflecting on my failures, while resisting calling them what they are. You know, they’re “learning experiences,” or “steps along the path,” or “negatives that lead to positives.” There haven’t been “quite a few” of these incidents. There have been a lot, a whole lot more than I like […]

This post is titled after a research paper delivered by mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz, who was a pioneer in Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory is a mathematical invention that refers to logistic maps, strange attractors, topological mixing, density of periodic orbits, and Lyapunov exponents, to name some of the outgrowth that has formed around chaos. […]

Often enough we’ve all thought, What If … and imagine that had we made a slightly different choice at some time or other in our lives, a significant turning point never would have existed. Or, the choice that we did make created that significant event. Any moment may lead to great happiness or great sadness, […]