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Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers This short video apparently shows the same crisis actor being interviewed at the Twin Towers disaster, and at the LAX shooting years later. At LAX he said that he didn’t have any ID and the cops let him go!? His name was given as […]

September 11 The New Pearl Harbor (FULL) This one’s full all right, all 4 hours, 53 minutes, 41 seconds of it. And the credits aren’t very long. This documentary goes into detailed analysis of the 9-11 tragedy. Watch it and you’ll know why the first word in analysis is “anal.” It’s hard to imagine any […]

American Democracy – Murder Spies And Voting Lies Computer programmer Clint Curtis blows the whistle on voting machines that will flip the vote with a simple push of a hidden touchscreen button. Curtis worked for Yang Enterprises, Inc. He took a polygraph test to prove that he was telling the truth, and passed with a […]

Targeting Doomsday Preppers A prepper who is targeted by police for his activities. Abby Martin of Russia Today presents an interview with Fernando Salguero.   TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

The World’s Highest Ranking Alien Believer Less than 11 minutes. Paul Hellyer is Canada’s former Minister of Defense. In this short video, Hellyer describes various extraterrestrials known to be present on earth. There is one type that looks like a praying mantis, others known are short grays, tall grays, Nordic blondes, the latter looking so […]

BUILDING THE MACHINE – The Common Core Documentary 39 minutes. There might be something fishy about the process that established Common Core as the benchmark for K-12 student performance, by a national standard. Michael Petrilli, PhD, of the Fordham Institute defends Common Core, says everything is all out in the open for everyone to see. […]

What Are They Thinking? 8 minutes & 31 seconds. According to this rapid-paced documentary, they are thinking there are way too many people in the world and a bunch of us have to be omitted, to put it nicely. Whether intentional or not, it looks like there are a lot of things happening to that […]

Conclusive Evidence the 9/11 Planes Were Not Real How can an aluminum aircraft cut through a steel and concrete building? Good question. Dr. Judy Wood points out the fragility of airplane wings, impossibly weak to penetrate the twin towers. Strong evidence that the twin towers were not hit by airplanes at all. Military radar shows […]

Unmasking an Extraterrestrial Presence A whole lot of evidence that the government is shielding us from the truth when it comes to extraterrestrials. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell weighs in with his conviction that there are extraterrestrials among us. Clips from a variety of sources reveal more and more evidence that some very strange things are going […]

UFOTV® Presents-The Secret Mars Colony. 32 minute video. Sure, Mars has been the subject of science fiction for hundreds of years, but could it have once supported life? Could it support life again? Here’s the zinger: Is there human life there now? On Alfred Webre’s Exopolitics Radio show, Lawyer Andrew Basiago and Laura Eisenhower, great […]