Whenever my Dad saw examples of pretension or arrogance he described it as “puttin’ on the dog.” He made me laugh, not only for the odd expression but because he’d often do an impromptu demonstration by strutting around the room with his hands on his hips and his nose in the air.

The ultimate effect of Dad’s performances on me, beside giving me a love of laughter, was that all my life I have never been comfortable with people pretending to be greater or more important than anyone else, no matter what their station in life. It’s dishonest and disrespectful to everyone, including themselves.

My overall objective in these pages is to share experiences I’ve had, and thoughts I have, about how to live in peace, happiness, and success, how to appreciate our time here on earth. I don’t offer magic or miracles, but then some of my experiences seem to verge on the miraculous or at least the highly unlikely. Many, many people have had such experiences in their lives and knowing that reinforces my own beliefs.

Some facts about me:

  • I meditate almost every day which leads me to experience a nearly indescribable bliss.
  • I’ve had epiphanies that have dramatically changed my life.
  • I’m an organic gardener and have transformed an average suburban lot into a substantial source of organic vegetables.
  • I own a small business. The business I started as a one-man show in 1976 has been successful all this time, and now has 12 employees.
  • I am frugal and hugely eco-conscious. I practice recycling, upcycling, and trash picking.
  • I love to write and speak to a wide variety of audiences. I also mentor adults and kids in communication skills.

Do I think I’m perfect? Heck, no!

Let me say it this way: I’ve got plenty of reasons to be humble, and I mean it with all the human imperfection that comes with living on this earth. I think I qualify as a humble two-bit guru, and I think Dad would be proud of me for it.

Besides, the domain was available …



  • Natural is best.
  • Our natural state is to be in touch with what I (and others) call the Source. You might think of Source as part of your physical body or you might think of it as God, or anything else that suits you–spirit, universe, all-that-is—whatever. Source resides apart from the conscious mind.
  • I am closest to Source when I work in the garden or meditate. The time I spend in and around the garden gives me joy, whether I’m working or just hanging out.
  • The more often we connect with Source the more often favorable coincidences and manifestations occur in our life.
  • Attempting to control the Source may give less than desirable results. Acting as co-creator with Source works best.



  • Harmony with Self and Others. The deepest harmony may come through meditation, although we may experience harmony while working, doing a hobby, playing sports, any activity that leads one into centeredness. The calmness of this natural state extends to all living beings, manifesting as greater understanding, compassion, and love.
  • Harmony with Nature. The earth, our home, is sacred and ought to be treated as such.
  • Responsibility. We must carry our share of the load, work to support ourselves as best we can. And help others in need.
  • Fun. Why bother to do anything if there isn’t some fun involved?



  • Share knowledge through writing & speaking.
  • Reach out to people through traditional and social media.
  • Grow a network by exchanging ideas with all those who want to make the world a better place.
  • Show others how to implement beneficial changes in their lives.
  • Support all aspects of healthful living.
  • Be practical and helpful, as well as lighthearted and funny.

I will update and revise this section as I continue on my journey, both inward and outward.