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Reptoids Research Center

Who is John Rhodes? He is the creator of the Reptoids Research Center. Mr. Rhodes believes we are all whacked to be looking to space for Aliens and E.T.’s. He says we ought to be searching underground tunnels, caverns, and cave systems right here on earth for reptoids that live down there.

You’ve undoubtedly seen some of these underground reptoid creatures yourself. Think of the last time you saw a 7-foot tall lizard-like being running toward you on two legs, with red glowing eyes. Well, maybe you didn’t, but plenty of folks have. They’ve seen the Lizard-Man of Bishopville, South Carolina, and Lizard-man ain’t too friendly.

Maybe not so unlikely as it seems, considering that we humans don’t know so much things as we think we do. You’d have to be a dang fool to suggest thatin a universe some say is 150 billion light years across that Earth is the only place that nurtured intelligent beings. So, why not expect some surprises in the underground?

There’s lots more information on Mr. Rhodes web site than this story about just one Lizard-man. I can’t say I’m a 100% believer, but I can’t say I’m a skeptic, either. Take a look here and judge for yourself.