Sustainable Human

By Changing the Story, We Change Our World… The world is built on stories. This is quite the ambitious project, based on the belief that we, the inhabitants of the earth, desperately need to change the narrative of infinite resources, limitless waste, and endless competition, to one of freedom to develop our unique gifts and sustainability.

Watch the 8-minute introductory video. I had to close extra browser windows, and click off HD on this video to see it.
This site is still the BETA version, but it is quite exciting. The site promotes projects to change the paradigm, for free, through volunteers who pay as little as a buck a month to be included. The plan is that as members sign up, revenues grow, and if any one member, or several members, needs funds for a project, the larger group decides if the funds should be provided. Members are encouraged to go ahead with projects that require no funding.

This is a bold website with bold ideas. It is a step in the right direction.