Ex-USAF Officers: UFOs Targeted Global Nukes

Apparently, UFOs have hovered over nuclear missile sites from as far back as the 1960s, temporarily disarming the missiles, ostensibly to keep human beings from destroying themselves (ourselves) and the planet.

This news will sound weird to some, I suppose, but consider that affidavits from 120 retired military personnel who should know, have been collected in a detailed report: “Witness Testimony: UFOs at Nuclear Weapons Bases.“

I was unable to find the report, but I did find this fascinating video:

Disclosure Conference, National Press Club 27 Sept 2010

Testimony is recorded from Charles Halt, USAF Col.(Ret.), Robert Jamison, USAF Nuclear Missile Targeting Officer (Ret.), Jerome Nelson, USAF Nuclear Missile Launch Officer (Ret.), Patrick McDonough, USAF Nuclear Missile Site Geodetic Surveyor (Ret.), Capt. Robert Salas, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), and others.After hearing these accounts, I doubt anyone could deny the presence of extraterrestrials on this planet. Please do watch the question and answer period, too.