Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s-Full Movie

Did you know that bacterium from a chemical waste dump is the basis for genetically engineered soybeans? Did you know that the FDA tests no GMO’s? Did you know that test rats rapidly develop health problems from GMO’s? You’ll find these interesting facts and a lots more when folks such as Bruce Lipton, PhD (Developmental Biologist, author, “Biology of Belief”), Dr. Jeffrey Smith (Executive Director, Institute for Responsible Technology), Arpad Pusztai, PhD, who was demonized for speaking out against GMO’s, Chiv Chopra (author “Corrupt to the Core”), Rima Laibow, MD (Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation), Mike Adams ( & Consumer Wellness Center), Louise Kuo-Habakus (Executive Director, Center for Personal Rights), and more, all speak out against the use of GMO’s. This documentary has a high density of vital information that everyone should know, and know as soon as possible.