Starchild Skull For Dummies

Lloyd Pye offers proof that the skull in question is extraterrestrial. DNA analysis shows that the starchild was conceived by a human mother and a non-human father. But there’s more: Comparison of the number of differences in mitochondrial DNA between human and starchild shows that while humans have 120 base pair differences, it is likely that the starchild has 800-1,000 base pair differences. Other analysis further supports that the starchild genome bears no relation to the human genome.

Comparing 25 tangible points of reference on the physical human skull and the starchild skull we find that not a single match can be found. Some of those variations are unprecedented on earth. For example, the depth of eye sockets on the human skull is 4 times greater than that of the starchild skull.

The Starchild Project website is here.