Pentagon looking for 'Big Mechanism' to mine health data | USA Today | Image courtesy of Wikipedia:

Pentagon Looking to Mine Health Data

They’ll spend $45 million to dig around research on cancer with the hopes that a more coherent package will evolve in the fight against cancer. This project is apparently under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Sorry to rain on the picnic but from other info about DARPA I find it difficult to believe that agency is embarking on a humanitarian goal.

If Pentagon is serious about looking into the cancer epidemic I suggest they start by studying the detrimental effects of pesticides, chemicals in our foods, GMOs for instance, fluoride in the water, toxic plastics, to name a few. The increase in cancer cases has been in lock step with ever-increasing use of poisons in our food and our environment. There’s a direction for you, and I’m not charging $45 dollars for it, either.