Artist Uses Vegetables To Cover Massive Attack Song

Whenever I hear anyone say “An artist used vegetables to recreate Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop,’ well the first thing I say is What the heck are you saying? Can anybody cover the haunting whatever-you-call-it of ‘Teardrop’, and do it with vegetables? Believe it or not, J. Viewz can, and does.

Although over 16 million Youtubers have watched and heard the original, posted in 2009, J Viewz’s cover didn’t post until a year ago, in 2013, and Viewz has had almost a million views, pun intended. It might be that the vegetables will, in the final analysis, top the original.

For the best listening, and Viewzing, experience, I suggest that you listen and watch Massive Attack’s rendition (below) and then take a look and a listen to Viewz’s.

You’ll be as amazed as I was. If you’re at all squeamish at the sight of a carrot taped to a turntable please proceed with caution.

[via: So Bad So Good]