Kubrick Moon Landing: Room 237 & The Shining Code.

Jay Weidner raises questions about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. According to Weidner, Kubrick directed, faked, the Apollo 11 moon landing video, and that 2001: A Space Odyssey was a research project for the moon landing video. Further, Weidner says that Kubrick is trying to tell us three stories here. The first is the overt script. The second is the subliminal imagery, and the third is the changes that he made to Stephen King’s novel. Changes, incidentally, that infuriated King.

Some of the clues are the Apollo 11 stitchery on Danny’s sweater, Jack Nicholson’s tirade against his wife in which he explains his obligations as a writer but this could likely apply to the government that hired Kubrick to do the moon landing video. And so on through many, many deviations. Whether Weidner is right or not I don’t know but this is an intriguing 9 minutes of video on the subject.

This all might sound like nonsense but if you take into account that “Eyes Wide Shut” might have clues about the Illuminati, well, who knows. For further illumination (ha,ha) blow an hour on “The Shining Code” (below).